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icdp Projects in Asia & Oceania

...multidisciplinary projects at world-class geological sites

ICDP projects have the potential to tell us about the billions of years of Earth evolution. ICDP supports drilling projects and science workshops to prepare for proposals to ICDP.

CCSDP, China

Dabie-Sulu UHPM Belt, Donghai, East China

COREF, Japan

Drilling Into Coral Reefs Near The Northern Limit

DSDDP, Israel

Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project

GONAF, Turkey

A Deep Geophysical Observatory At The North Anatolian Fault


The Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition

KOYNA, India

Probing Reservoir Triggered Earthquakes

OODP, Oman

The Oman Ophiolite Drilling Project


Sedimentology, Volcanology, Seismology

SBDP, China

Cretaceous Songliao Basin, Northeast China

TCDP, Taiwan

Taiwan Chelungpu-fault Drilling Project

USDP, Japan

Unzen Scientific Drilling Project (USDP)

WBDP, China

Weihe Basin, Phase I (WBDP)

Caldera, New Zealand

Okataina Volcanic Centre

DFDP, New Zealand

Deep Fault Drilling Project - (Alpine Fault)

FACET, New Zealand

Southern Hemisphere climate change and carbon cycling