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icdp Entities

...a lean and mean structure

The organizational structure of ICDP is simple and transparent, allowing the program to remain flexible in dealing with needs that can arise and require quick decisions. This structure also makes ICDP inexpensive to administer, ensuring that as much money as possible is invested in projects and workshops that address societal challenges that can only be addressed by scientific drilling.

The six elements of icdp

the working heart

Science Advisory Group (SAG)

Scientific Evaluation

  • independent body
  • internationally renowned experts
  • scientific evaluation of all proposals
  • recommends approval/ rejection of all proposals to EC

Executive Committee (EC)

Program Management

  • reviews operational, technical, managerial, and financial feasibility of workshop and full proposals
  • recommends approval/ rejection of Full Proposals to AOG

Assembly of Governors (AOG)

Program Governance

  • decides on Full Proposals and expenditure of ICDP funds
  • establishes long-range plan
  • determines program policies

Executive Director (ED)

Daily Representation

  • program operation and management on a daily base
  • negotiating and contracting on behalf of ICDP
  • based at GFZ

Operational Support Group (OSG)

Logistical Support

  • assists in developing proposals
  • expert advice on all drilling matters
  • based at GFZ

GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences

Executive Agency

  • acts on behalf of ICDP members
  • administers ICDP money
  • responsible for all legal matters

The Workflow