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...understanding how our Earth works and moves

Climate change, geohazards such as earthquakes or landslides, active geodynamic processes under our feet and the valuable georesources we all need—are the research challenges within ICDP. Raising awareness about the importance of scientific drilling and understanding its discoveries around the world plays a vital role in bringing science closer to society. ICDP researches questions in depth to understand and solve the major global challenges facing society today.

A look into icdp

How ICDP works

see how ICDP works and how the society benefits from continental scientific drilling

ICDP Science Plan

Our 4 prime science themes for the next decade 2020-2030


ICDP/ECORD/IODP joint Science Themes: Scientific drilling on continents & in oceans


BASE (South Africa) 2021

ICDP project BASE (Barberton Archean Surface Environments): Drilling precambrian sedimentary strata in the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa

MexiDrill (Mexico) 2017

ICDP project MexiDrill (The Basin of Mexico Drilling Program (CHALCO): Climate Clues about Lake Chalco, Mexico

HSPDP (Kenya) 2015

ICDP project HSPDP (Hominin Sites and Paleolakes Drilling Project): Documentary on Using Scientific Drilling to understand the Paleoclimate Context of Human Evolution

Media Downloads

Publications for kids

Scientific drilling explained to young scientists

'Secrets Beneath Your Feet'

The Fascinating World of Scientific Drilling

Why do scientists drill into the Earth? Drilling is a valuable tool to unravel secrets of the planet’s history because lots of information is safely stored deep below our feet within the Earth.


Drilling Into the Earth:

How Deep Can We Go?

Drilling into the Earth is important for collecting resources like water and raw materials, and it is also done for scientific reasons, to learn about the planet. A method called rotary drilling is often used to drill holes deep into the Earth.

ICDP Collection for kids

Why do scientists drill the ground beneath our feet?

The whole scientific drilling collection published by Frontiers for Young Minds.



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