Grant Proposals

Financial and operational support by the ICDP is based on unsolicited proposals submitted by international Science Teams.

Important Deadlines

ICDP accepts grant proposals of all kinds until January 15 each year.

All proposals will be reviewed by the Science Advisory Group in early spring each year.

Workshop proposals will be decided on by the Executive Committee (EC) in early summer, while Full Proposals will be decided on by the Assembly of Governors shortly after the EC meeting.

Call for Proposals

Call for proposals to communities from the Earth Sciences and Drilling Engineering.

Proposal processing

Pre- or Workshop proposals are reviewed by ICDPs independent review committee Science Advisory Group, SAG  and decided on by the Executive Community, EC .
Full proposals go through the same cycle but will be in addition decided on by the Assembly of Governors, AOG
The individual steps of the assessment of proposals are:

  1. Review and ranking of the Proposals by SAG
  2. Discussion and assessment of the evaluation by EC, decision on funding or rejection
  3. SAG and/or EC may table a proposal and request for an addendum to address minor open issues
  4. Following a successful workshop a Full Proposal can be submitted to ICDP for a review by SAG, recommendation by EC and approval by AOG  

Instructions for proponents are detailed in the guidelines for proposals.