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icdp for stakeholders

...enabled first-class science & fundamental ‘System Earth’ discoveries

The International Continental Scientific Drilling Program has played a primary role over the past two decades, uncovering geological secrets from beneath our continents through targeted scientific drilling. As a non-profit organization for modern Earth science, it has enabled first-class research to be pursued, numerous targets to be probed, and hypotheses to be tested, resulting in fundamental discoveries about ‘System Earth.’ Networking with other science programs has become important over time, and bridges have been built with the private and government.

A look into icdp:

How ICDP works

see how ICDP works and how the society benefits from continental scientific drilling

ICDP Science Plan 2020-2030

Our 4 prime science themes for the next decade


2 major programs, 1 common goal: scientific drilling on continents and in oceans

Further information:

ICDP Science Plan

The framework for the next decade

ICDP Primer

best-practice for planning and executing drilling projects

ICDP roadmap

for operational support