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icdp Executive Committee (EC)

...our science managers

Task & Function

The EC is responsible for the operation and management of the program. It decides on Workshop Proposals, reviews the (operational, technical, managerial and financial) feasibility of Full Proposals, and recommends funding of Full Proposals to the AOG. It assembles the scientifically prioritized projects into an Annual Program Plan with an associated budget as base for decision to AOG.

The EC meets annually, usually in early summer, after the SAG meeting has been held and reports annually to the AOG on past year’s activities, scientific accomplishments and ICDP budget.


EC Composition

The EC is made up of one appointee from each ICDP member nominated by the respective funding partners of the program. Chair and co-chair are rotating between all members for a 2-year-term that can be renewed once.

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# Group Position Role Acronym Panel Last Name First Name Middle Names Name Country of Birth Person Id User Id Country Organization Name Org.-Acronym Organization Url Person Url Research Field
1 1 Chair ICDP/EC,STM,CM ICDP-EC Claeys Philippe Philippe Claeys Belgium 12281 2 Belgium Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Analytical, Environmental & Geo-Chemistry VUB Geochronology, Isotope geochemistry, Planetary sciences, Sedimentary petrography, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy
2 1 Executive Director ICDP/EC,STM,ED ICDP-EC Bohnhoff Marco Marco Bohnhoff Germany 12233 2 Germany German Research Centre for Geosciences, Section 4.2, Geomechanics and Scientific Drilling GFZ Long-term injection tests, Seismic monitoring
3 2 Co-Chair ICDP/EC,STM,CC ICDP-EC Bomberg Malin Malin Bomberg Finland 22482 2 Finland Technical Research Centre of Finland VTT Geomicrobiology, Program management
4 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Koeberl Christian Christian Koeberl Austria 12564 2 Austria University of Vienna, Center for Earth Sciences, Department of Lithospheric Research UNIVIE Cosmochemistry, Geochemistry
5 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Fischer Tomas Tomas Fischer Czechia 15024 2 Czechia Charles University in Prague, Institute of Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology and Applied Geophysics CUNI Seismology, Signal processing
6 3 ICDP/EC;STM ICDP-EC Vind Johannes Johannes Vind 35025 2 Estonia Geological Survey of Estonia ETAG
7 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Thomazo Christophe Christophe Thomazo France 22391 2 France Universite de Bourgogne, UMR CNRS/uB 6282 Biogeoscienses, UFR Sciences Vie Terre Environnement u-bourgogne CNS isotopes, Geochemistry, Sedimentology
8 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Stefánsson Andri Andri Stefánsson Iceland 17446 2 Iceland University of Iceland, Institute of Earth Sciences HI Fluids, Geochemistry, Volcanoes
9 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Roy Sukanta Sukanta Roy India 16098 2 India Ministry of Earth Sciences, Government of India, National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Borehole Geophysics Research Laboratory MoES,ESSO,BRGL Geothermics, Heat flow
10 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Stein Mordechai (Moti) Mordechai Stein Israel 13426 2 Israel Geological Survey of Israel, Geochemistry GSI Geochemistry
11 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Florindo Fabio Fabio Florindo Italy 15704 2 Italy Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, Geomagnetismo, Aeronomia e Geofisica Ambientale, Laboratorio di Paleomagnetismo INGV Paleomagnetics
12 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Ono Shigeaki Shigeaki Ono Japan 21592 2 Japan Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology Center JAMSTEC High-pressure physics
13 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC van der Meulen Michiel Michiel van der Meulen Netherlands 21039 2 Netherlands Geological Survey of the Netherlands TNO
14 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Levy Richard Richard Levy U.S.A. 15841 2 New Zealand GNS Science GNS Glacial geology, Marine geology, Micropaleontology, Paleoclimatology, Quantitative chronostratigr.
15 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Schiellerup Henrik Henrik Schiellerup Norway 23117 2 Norway Geological Survey of Norway, Geological Resources and Environment Division NGU Mineralogy, Petrology
16 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Lyu Qingtian Qingtian Lyu P.R. China 20032 2 P.R. China Chinese Academy of Geosciences, China Geological Survey, SinoProbe CAGS,SINOPROBE Drilling engineering
17 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Wagner Nikki Nikki Wagner 24282 2 South Africa University of Johannesburg, Department of Geology, CIMERA CIMERA
18 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Valero-Garcés Blas Lorenzo Blas Valero-Garcés Spain 12941 2 Spain Instituto Pirenaico de Ecologia, Departamento de Procesos Geoambientales y Cambio Global IPE, CSIC
19 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Pease Victoria Victoria Pease Sweden 14157 2 Sweden University of Stockholm, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Department of Geology and Geochemistry SU Geochemistry
20 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Kipfer Rolf Rolf Kipfer Switzerland 14748 2 Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology, Department of Water Resources and Drinking Water ETH,EAWAG Isotopes
21 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Goodenough Kathryn M. Kathryn Goodenough United Kingdom 17743 2 UK British Geological Survey BGS Geology
22 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Adiyaman Lopes Oezlem Oezlem Adiyaman Lopes 23903 2 UNESCO UNESCO, Division of Earth Sciences, SC/GEO UNESCO,IGCP
23 3 ICDP/EC,STM ICDP-EC Wynn Jonathan G. Jonathan Wynn U.S.A. 15417 2 USA U.S. National Science Foundation, NSF, Directorate of Geosciences, Earth Sciences NSF (EAR) Global carbon cycle, Paleoclimate, Paleoenvironments, Stable isotope geochemistry
24 4 Secretary ICDP/EC,STM,SE ICDP-EC Harms Ulrich Ulrich Harms Germany 12439 2 Germany German Research Centre for Geosciences, Section 4.2, Geomechanics and Scientific Drilling GFZ Science coordination