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icdp Assembly of Governors (AOG)

...our science administrators

Task & Function

The AOG provides financial and scientific oversight. It determines the program policies, decides on EC recommended Full Proposals and allocates the amount of comingled ICDP funding for each individual drilling project. In addition, the AOG decides on the Annual Program Plan and the associated budget and discusses the Long-range Plan of the ICDP prepared and proposed by the EC. Decisions are made through a consensus process guided by the Chair.

The AOG meets annually after the EC meeting, usually in early summer. After the AOG has made the final decisions, the letters of approval are sent out to the Principal Investigators by the Executive Director to inform about the ICDP decision and its reasons.

The AOG is composed of one representative from each member country – typically a science administrator representing the respective funding organization(s).


Assembly of Governors

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# Group Position Role Acronym Panel Last Name First Name Middle Names Name Country of Birth Person Id User Id Country Organization Name Org.-Acronym Organization Url Person Url Research Field
1 1 Chair ICDP/AOG,STM,CM ICDP-AOG Nordgulen Øystein Øystein Nordgulen Norway 13722 2 Norway Geological Survey of Norway, Geoscience Division NGU
2 2 Co-Chair ICDP/AOG,STM,CC ICDP-AOG Wilson Gary Steven Gary Wilson New Zealand 15714 2 New Zealand GNS Science GNS Marine geology, Marine sedimentology, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimatology, Paleomagnetism
3 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Plunger Bernhard Bernhard Plunger Austria 20838 2 Austria Austrian Academy of Sciences ÖAW Program management
4 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Verschuren Dirk Dirk Verschuren Belgium 14183 2 Belgium University of Ghent, Department of Biology, Limnology Unit University... Biology, Limnology
5 3 ICDP-AOG,STM ICDP-AOG (alternate) Javaux Emmanuelle Emmanuelle Javaux Belgium 15289 20 Belgium Universite de Liege, Departement de Geologie, Premieres Traces et Evolution de la Vie-Astrobiologie ULIEGE Acritarchs, Astrobiology, Evolution, Geobiology, Paleobiology, Paleoecology, Precambrian
6 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Tym Antonín Antonín Tym Czechia 22573 2 Czechia Charles University in Prague, Institute of Hydrogeology CUNI Geophysics, Hydrogeology
7 3 ICDP/AOG;STM ICDP-AOG Raha Margus Margus Raha 34407 2 Estonia Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications MEAC
8 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Pikkarainen Hanna Katriina Hanna Pikkarainen Finland 17955 2 Finland Academy of Finland, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research AKA Program management
9 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Guillot Stéphane Stéphane Guillot France 20774 2 France Universite Grenoble Alpes, Institut des Sciences de la Terre ISTERRE Mineral soucres
10 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Sonntag Iris Iris Sonntag Germany 23217 2 Germany German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) DFG Program management
11 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Jonasson Hallgrimur Hallgrimur Jonasson Iceland 22295 2 Iceland The Icelandic Centre for Research RANNIS Program management
12 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Ravichandran M. M. Ravichandran India 22355 2 India Ministry of Earth Sciences MoES Project management
13 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Totani Gen Gen Totani Japan 23994 2 Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan MEXT
14 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Westerop Bernard J.H. Bernard Westerop Netherlands 20058 2 Netherlands Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research NWO Climate, Water
15 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Liu Haiyan Haiyan Liu 35027 2 P.R. China Ministry of Natural Resources of China MNR
16 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Sanchez Serrano Jose Juan Jose Sanchez Serrano Spain 24279 2 Spain Gobierno de Espana, Ministerio de Economia y Competitividad MINECO
17 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Andersson Tomas Tomas Andersson 35028 2 Sweden Swedish Research Council, VetenskapsrAdet SRC,VR
18 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Kern-Lütschg Martina A. Martina Kern-Lütschg Switzerland 15598 2 Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Department of Earth Sciences, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering (IGT) IGT,ETHZ
19 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Newport Sarah Sarah Newport 35030 2 UK British Geological Survey, Natural Environment Research Council BGS, NERC
20 3 ICDP/AOG,STM ICDP-AOG Smith-Nufio Dena Michelle Dena Smith-Nufio 35026 2 USA U.S. National Science Foundation, NSF, Directorate of Geosciences, Earth Sciences NSF (EAR)
21 4 Secretary ICDP/AOG,STM,SE ICDP-AOG Harms Ulrich Ulrich Harms Germany 12439 2 Germany German Research Centre for Geosciences, Section 4.2, Geomechanics and Scientific Drilling GFZ Science coordination