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ICDP Project Listing

konfigurierbare Tabellen auf Grundlage vordefinierter DB-Abfragen

April 2022: "ICDP Tables" ist funktionsfÀhig. Die folgenden Anmerkungen sind obsolet.

2021-12-23: Gut funktionieren bisher Abfrage 0 und 1.  Abfrage 2 und 3 funktionieren auch, brauchen aber noch Feintuning.

Es kann sein dass die Tabelle auch mal temporĂ€r ausgeblendet ist. Dann sieht man hier nichts 😉.

2022-01-16: Detailverbesserungen und viel mehr Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten (Abfragen-Nummerierung 0,1,2,3... hat sich erledigt).

2022-01-26: Wurde verschlankt, zeigt nur noch Tabellen an. FunktionalitÀt ausgelagert in neues Plugin "ICDP Report". ICDP Projects Table ist nun relativ simpel zu konfigurieren und zu verstehen. Aber bei ICDP Report muss man genauer wissen wie man das Plugin parametrisiert und konfiguriert.

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# Project Acronym Project Name Proposal ID Project Current State Project Location Project Country Project Theme Project Duration Project Age Expedition Id Project Start Date
1 CPCP2 Colorado Plateau Coring Project 2: A continuous record of Triassic-Jurassic environmental change ICDP-2023/04 Full Proposal Approved U.S.A. Environmental Change Triassic-Early Jurassic
2 LIBRE The Lake Izabal Basin Research Endeavor Continental Scientific Drilling Project ICDP-2023/03 Full Proposal Approved Lake Izabal Basin Guatemala Environmental Change Miocene to present
3 WBDP Weihe Basin Drilling Project (Phase I) Mio-Pleistocene Asian hydroclimate variability and dynamics ICDP-2022/02 Full Proposal Approved Weihe Basin;weih P.R. China Environmental Change Cenozoic
4 DeepDUST The Deep Dust Drilling Project: Earth-System Responses to the Penultimate Icehouse Collapse and Greenhouse Intensification ICDP-2022/01 Full Proposal Approved Norman U.S.A. Environmental Change Permian
5 KMT Drilling into Krafla magma - Krafla Magma Testbed ICDP-2021/05 Full Proposal Approved Krafla Caldera Iceland Georesources Present
6 SWAIS 2C Sensitivity of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to 2 Degrees Celsius ICDP-2021/03 Operational Phase Antarctica Environmental Change Neogene - Quaternary
7 TSDP The Tanganyika Scientific Drilling Project: Unravelling 10 Million Years of African Environmental Evolution ICDP-2020/06 Full Proposal Approved Tanzania Environmental Change Late miocene-Present
8 NamCore The Nam Co Drilling Project, Tibet: A one million year sedimentary record from the third pole ICDP-2020/05 Drilling Preparation Nam Co P.R. China Environmental Change Quaternary 5073
9 DIVE Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE ICDP-2020/04 Operational Phase Italy Geohazards 24 month Permian/Pre-Permian Lower Crust 5071
10 PVOLC Volcanic Forcing and Paleogene Climate Change ICDP-2020/03 Drilling Preparation Limfjorden: Europe, Denmark, Jylland, Harre, Fur Denmark Environmental Change Paleogene
11 DAFNE Drilling Active Faults in Northern Europe (DAFNE) ICDP-2019/08 Full Proposal Approved Europe, Fennoscandia, Sweden, Finland, Norway Finland, Sweden Geohazards, Georesources 9 Quaternary , (proterozoic) 2022 (May)
12 BVDP The Bushveld Complex Drilling Project ICDP-2019/04 Drilling Preparation Africa, South Africa, Bushveld South Africa Geodynamic Processes 8 Late Archean 5067 2020 (Oct)
13 BASE Barberton Archean Surface Environments, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt ICDP-2019/03 Moratorium Phase Africa, South Africa, Moodies, Barberton South Africa Geodynamic Processes 10 months Archean 5069 2020 (Mar)