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Drilling Active Faults in Northern Europe

Project Acronym: DAFNE | State: Drilling Preparation

The proposed ICDP project Drilling Active Faults in Northern Europe - DAFNE aims to investigate, via scientific drilling, the tectonic and structural characteristics of postglacial (PG) faults in northern Fennoscandia, including their hydrogeology and associated deep biosphere. Scientific advances in neotectonics, hydrogeology and deep biosphere studies are expected. Societal benefits include generating information relevant to nuclear waste disposal and exploitation of economic raw materials.

Workshop held under the acronym PFDP.

Keywords: Europe, Finland, Sweden, Deep Life, Earthquakes, Faults, Fluids, Stress

Project Details

Project Location

Project Timeline

Full Proposal Approved

First Full Proposal Submitted

Workshop Held

4-7 October 2010 nearby Stockholm, Sweden

Workshop Proposal Approved