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icdp Projects in Asia

...multidisciplinary projects at world-class geological sites

CCSDP, China

Dabie-Sulu UHPM Belt, Donghai, East China

COREF, Japan

Drilling Into Coral Reefs Near The Northern Limit

DSDDP, Israel

Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project

GONAF, Turkey

A Deep Geophysical Observatory At The North Anatolian Fault


The Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition

KOYNA, India

Probing Reservoir Triggered Earthquakes

OODP, Oman

The Oman Ophiolite Drilling Project


Sedimentology, Volcanology, Seismology

SBDP, China

Cretaceous Songliao Basin, Northeast China

TCDP, Taiwan

Taiwan Chelungpu-fault Drilling Project

USDP, Japan

Unzen Scientific Drilling Project (USDP)

WBDP, China

Weihe Basin, Phase I (WBDP)