HOTSPOT, Kimberley & Kimama, Idaho, USA, 2011-JUN/JUL

OSG performed downhole logging at all 3 sites of the HOTSPOT drilling project: Kimberly, Kimama, Mountain Home (AFB) in two campaigns. 

This is the 1st OSG logging campaign at HOTSPOT.


Hotspot, Kimberly, Idaho, USA          2011-JUN              215-1900 m 

Hotspot, Kimama, Idaho, USA           2011-JUN/JUL      212-1150 m 

Tools: GR, SGR, MS, DLL, BS, DIP, FAC, SlimWave, FS     

Staff: Carnein, Kück, Rey Abasolo, Töpfer, Wiersberg

The borehole geophone chain 'Slimwave' (4 levels) was applied at Kimberly and Kimama together with equipment of the U of Alberta (vibrator truck & surface geophones). 

At Kimama OSG used the downhole fluidsampler FS for the first time in an ICDP project. 

Especially the Kimberly borehole was logged in steps with the drillstring used as protection against potentially collapsing borehole wall. The OH sections were always stable and hence never got blocked for wireline sondes. 

The Kimama hole was blocked for wireline sondes at 1219 m, later at 1138 m.