Snake River Scientific Drilling Project (HOTSPOT)
Proposed in: 2007
  • Geologic age: Pliocene To Pleistocene
  • Number of drillsites (drillholes): 3(5)
  • Drilled length: 6350.0 M
  • Cored length: 5366.4 M
  • Core recovered, length: 5003.4 M
  • Core recovered length / Cored length: 93.24%
  • Core recovered / Drilled length: 78.79%
Field Work Started In Summer 2010 And Ended In February 2012
Preproposal Reviewed
Repository Information: Where the rock samples are stored. All cooperating Repositories
Sedimentary Rocks, Working Halves (Mtn. Home):
Volcanic Rocks (Mtn. Home):
Sedimentary Rocks, Archive Halves (Mtn. Home):
Volcanic Rocks (Kimama And Kimberly): , Contact:, Contact:, Contact:
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Lat/Long : 42.83998333, -113.7955667