ICDP drilling projects, scheduled for 2020-2022
ICDP drilling projects, scheduled for 2020 - 2022. - See map on data.icdp (Standalone)
Country Project Title State
1 Africa - South Africa
BASE Barberton Archean Surface Environments, Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt drilling
2 Europe - Italy
STAR A Strainmeter Array Along the Alto Tiberina Fault System, Central Italy drilling
3 Africa - BZ,CN,Namibia
GRIND Geological Research through Integrated Neoproterozoic Drilling: The Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition ongoing
4 Europe - Czechia
EGER Drilling the Eger Rift: Magmatic fluids driving the earthquake swarms and the deep biosphere drilling
5 Europe - Sweden
COSC2 Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides (COSC-2): Drilling the main Caledonian décollement and into the basement of the Fennoscandian Shield ongoing
6 Europe - Switzerland
DOVE Drilling Overdeepened Alpine Valleys (DOVE) ongoing
7 Europe - United Kingdom
JET Integrated Understanding of the Early Jurassic Earth System and Timescale (JET) ongoing
8 South America - Brazil
TAMAZON Trans-Amazon Drilling Project scheduled
(to do)