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Project Acronym: TADP | State: Operational Phase | Expedition ID: 5066

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  • (inserted: 13.12.2023 07:02)
    TADP: 2023-12-09

    Operations in December

    The operations continue in the western Amazon and It's time for Christmas lights at the drilling site.
    The sidetrack operation has presented many challenges in performing the sidetrack through the casing. The drilling company is still in an attempt to second sidetrack the operation. The field team closely monitors and updates the executive committee daily. The executive committee holds weekly meetings to determine the best course for the project and discusses the decision-making with the drilling company.

  • (inserted: 08.12.2023 06:35)
    TADP: 2023-12-01

    Waiting for a Sidetrack

    Scientific activities are still suspended. The scientific team is limited to the project manager PhD Isaac Bezerra and microbiology PhD Angela Jimenez. They are monitoring the operations with the Company Man Clauses Sérgio.
    The first attempt to sidetrack the operation initiated on November 20th was not successful. The drilling company has made a second attempt, as geophysical logging indicated the possibility of the drill pipe sticking, hindering the sidetrack in an open hole.
    Adjustments were made to tools and the plan, and a new attempt began on November 30th. These are time-consuming operations as they require extensive preparation and maneuvers.
    These have been days of great learning in drilling operations and patience.

  • (inserted: 27.11.2023 06:54)
    TADP: 2023-11-19_25

    Geophysical logging school

    The downhole geophysical logging (Full Wave Sonic probe) was conducted to identify the most suitable interval for a side track operation.
    The ongoing activities have been a great learning experience for everyone. The geophysical activities conducted by the on-site team and led by Project Manager Isaac have always had the support of Marcos Bolognini and Tácio Bicudo. Katja Hesse assisted in the processing and interpretation of FWS data. In the photo, clockwise from top to bottom: Marcos Bolognini, Tácio Bicudo, and Isaac Bezerra analyze the FWS data.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 08:02)
    TADP: 2023-11-12

    River level rises

    After the rain, the level of the Juruá River begins to rise. Houses are prepared to float or be lifted by poles when the river level rises.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 08:01)
    TADP: 2023-11-11

    Fishing tools on site

    A part of the core barrel got stuck at the bottom of the critical section. GEOSOL is trying tools to fish out the stuck core barrel and drill pipe.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:59)
    TADP: 2023-11-10

    Core catcher

    In the last attempt to pass through the critical point, the driller encounters resistance in the advance that causes damage to the fingers of the core catcher tool.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:48)
    TADP: 2023-11-09

    Cement becomes harder

    As it deepens, the cement becomes harder.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:46)
    TADP: 2023-11-08

    The Amazonian winter has come

    The rain becomes common during the so-called Amazonian winter, a relief from the intense heat of the past few months. The operation can be halted due to the thunderstorm.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:45)
    TADP: 2023-11-07

    Contaminated cement

    In the first recovered section, contaminated cement was observed. This is a normal situation since fluid is used to displace the cement through the drill pipe. Improvement is expected as the depth increases, with cement becoming harder.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:44)
    TADP: 2023-11-06

    Safety guy work

    During the week, Ricardo Sampaio, the GEOSOL safety technician, worked with the employee team on SIPAT, a week dedicated to raising awareness about safety and environmental practices. The activities were useful for guiding, training, and ensuring the safety of employees while encouraging safe hand protection habits.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:42)
    TADP: 2023-11-05

    A cementation operation is in progress

    The cementing company is conducting a cementation operation to fill the overwashed section and the zone with a damaged drill pipe.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:41)
    TADP: 2023-11-04

    Geophysical logging team in November again

    The scientific team always faces a challenge when performing downhole logging in open boreholes and encountering obstacles during descent. An overwashed section was confirmed at a depth of 740 m where there was a cut of the 4.5'' drill pipe.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:32)
    TADP: 2023-11-02

    Drilling resumed

    A slow advance is being made through the collapsed section. The recovered material consists of a mixture of sandstone clasts, and mudstone enveloped by drilling fluid.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:31)
    TADP: 2023-11-01

    Geophysical logging team in November

    Once the cement did not show continuous recovery, GEOSOL requested that the scientific team perform the downhole logging again. Logging revealed the filling of the overwashed section. The scientific team always relies on the support of GEOSOL staff.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:28)
    TADP: 2023-10-30

    Cement in the overwashed zone

    The overwashed zone has been filled with cement. The cement exhibits a discontinuous and brittle state. It's not the ideal scenario, but filling the annular space prevents the accumulation of cuttings through the annulus. The drilling through the collapsed section is the next step.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:27)
    TADP: 2023-10-29

    Keep moving

    Work in the scientific tent is paused, but the scientific team present in the site engages in activities to stay active.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:26)
    TADP: 2023-10-28

    Meeting to define the next steps

    Clauses Sérgio, the company man, meets with Said Kamrani, the Drilling engineer from ICDP, to present to the Executive Commitee the options and challenges for the resumption of drilling.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:24)
    TADP: 2023-10-27

    How small we are in the face of outcrops

    Inclined heterolithic stratification on the margin of the Cruzeiro do Sul city. Cemented mudstone is a common feature in outcrops exposed along the margin of the Juruá River and also in the recovered cores.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:19)
    TADP: 2023-10-26

    Cementing operation not completely successful

    The cementing operation did not completely fill the overwashed section. The GEOSOL drilling company is pulling out the drill pipe to operate again.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:18)
    TADP: 2023-10-25

    It is mango season

    While the drill pipe is going down to check the cement top, we have a lot of fruits on the mango tree. Locals, Geosol employees, and the scientific team always take mangoes to the lodge at the end of the shift.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:17)
    TADP: 2023-10-24

    Coffee supply

    Professor André Marconato is monitoring on-site operations and delivered a gift from Carlos Mazoca for the team. The team is very happy, supplied with 2 kg of special coffee.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:16)
    TADP: 2023-10-23

    Taco party

    While the team waits for the cement to dry, Angela leads the on-site team in making pasta and guacamole with tacos. Angela Jimenez is from Honduras and completed her doctoral studies in Brazil.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:14)
    TADP: 2023-10-22

    Geophysical logging team in October

    The on-site team was requested to perform Caliper downhole logging at critical depths. An enlargement of at least 52 cm in diameter and 2 m deeper below the shoe was identified. GEOSOL decided to cement the top of the overwashed section that accumulated the gravel and filled the annular space.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:13)
    TADP: 2023-10-21

    Doghouse receives the pink lace

    GEOSOL strengthens the awareness campaign, whose main goal is to alert women and society about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer and cervical cancer. The pink lace on the doghouse is a symbol present at the drill site.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:08)
    TADP: 2023-10-20


    Broken fragments of mudstone, sandstone, and even cemented gravel are brought to the surface by the drilling mud and separated on the shaker.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:07)
    TADP: 2023-10-19

    Tricone drill bit

    The drag bit did not clean the complete section. GEOSOL requested from the headquarter in Minas Gerais state the shipment of a tricone drill bit. The bit was machined to pass through the 4 15/16” drill pipe. In the photo, the drill passes through the template to ensure that it has free passage through the drill pipe. The tricone should reduce the size of the clasts and have better efficiency in cleaning the well.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:06)
    TADP: 2023-10-18

    Farewell to Larissa Tamura

    Larissa returned to the drill site and assisted in core handling operations. She brought delicious items for the team in her luggage. We loved the coffee, candies, and cookies. Larissa has been crucial in managing the field team.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:05)
    TADP: 2023-10-17

    A special drill bit for well cleaning

    The drag bit is used in soft material and will be employed to break down any collapsed material.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:04)
    TADP: 2023-10-16

    Paleosoil sampling

    Professor Marconato arrives and leads a team for the description of sedimentological profiles and sampling in an outcrop with overlapping layers of paleosoil in the Profeta village. Prof. Negri is excited to learn new techniques and assist in the sampling.

  • (inserted: 15.11.2023 07:03)
    TADP: 2023-10-15

    Sedimentological description of modern sandbar along the Juruá River at Luzeiro village

    While Geosol performs the drill pipe take-off operation, Professor Felipe Figueiredo leads a team to a sedimentological description of modern sandbars on the river banks along the Juruá River. Professor Felipe is a postdoctoral researcher studying modern bars and assisting in facies modeling of the geological record of large rivers.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 15:00)
    TADP: 2023-10-14

    Gravels and pebbles

    Pebbles and gravel of different lithologies were recovered from the bottom of the borehole.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:56)
    TADP: 2023-10-13

    Woman's Day shift

    Angela Jimenez leads the day shift and oversees the core handling activities of Larissa Tamura and Alderlene Brito. Remember that the red tape is always at the bottom end.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:54)
    TADP: 2023-10-12

    Fully recovered 3 m core

    Geosol driller Jefferson, also known as Tequila, assisted Isaac Bezerra in handling the fully recovered 3 m core during the night shift.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:53)
    TADP: 2023-10-11


    Slickensides form in soil with significant amounts of shrink-swell clays—a smoothly polished surface caused by frictional movement related to expansion and contraction along cracks.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:51)
    TADP: 2023-10-09

    A day in the field on a riverbank in the Profeta community

    When there is a break in drilling activities, Professor Renato and Professor Felipe visit and describe outcrops, learning about the geology and architecture of the deposits in the region. In the Profeta Village, there are outcrops of reddish mudstone with carbonate cement intercalated with bodies of sand with lobate geometry and undulating bases.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:49)
    TADP: 2023-10-08

    Night shift at the end of the shift

    Professor Renato Almeida from the University of São Paulo and Professor Felipe Torres from the University of Sergipe arrived to assist Isaac Bezerra in core handling activities and in communication with Geosol management on site, providing updates to the executive committee.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:48)
    TADP: 2023-10-07

    Prof. Francisco Ricardo Negri from the University of Acre is on the drill site

    Professor Negri has been crucial in planning drilling activities in the Acre Basin. He has contributed to advancing research in paleozoology in the state of Acre since 1988. His energy and dedication to work during corehandling activities are contagious.

  • (inserted: 14.11.2023 10:47)
    TADP: 2023-10-06

    Wood debris in the Core Catcher

    Pieces of wood debris are primarily fibrous or flaky. The sand associated with them is high sulfur (S) coal linked to the organic matter itself, a phenomenon commonly observed in coal deposits. Discussions are ongoing regarding the occurrence of high-sulfur coal deposited in brackish environments or not.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:37)
    TADP: 2023-10-05

    The sandstones and mudstones are becoming harder

    The core diameter is 63.5 mm. We are using split liners. The depth is around 865 m.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:36)
    TADP: 2023-10-04

    Labelling the sediment samples.

    The sediment sampling on site is intended to serve as a preliminary analysis of the luminescence methods conducted by André Sawakuchi.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:35)
    TADP: 2023-10-03

    Felipe Figueiredo keeps the tools clean.

    The mud fluid engineer added sodium chloride to the drilling mud fluid. The salt causes damage to the iron and metal tools on site.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:34)
    TADP: 2023-10-02

    Angela Jimenez leading the day shift team.

    Francisco Negri from Federal University of Acre and Clauses Sergio, the company man accompanying the activities.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:33)
    TADP: 2023-10-01

    We are drilling again!

    During the coring through the cementation zone, the drill bite core from previous stuck drill pipe was cored.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:32)
    TADP: 2023-09-30

    New scientist onboard

    Felipe Figueiredo arrived and accompanied the measurements on the piezometers.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:29)
    TADP: 2023-09-28

    Sunset on the outcrop

    Sunset on the outcrop along the riverbank exposure in the Rodrigues Alves city, right margin of the Juruá River.
    The stratigraphic description helps to understand the geometry of the sand bodies cored on the drill site.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:28)
    TADP: 2023-09-27

    Sampling of the Juruá River sandbar

    Fabiano Pupim sampled the Juruá River sandbar in the Pucalpa locality. The quartz sedimentological sample will be used for cosmogenic analysis.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:26)
    TADP: 2023-09-26

    Alderlene is back at the drill site.

    While the drilling company is finishing the cementation phase, the team on site is conducting fieldwork on fluvial terraces near the drill site city.
    These fluvial terraces are an important piece for understanding the evolution of the landscape of western Amazonia.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:24)
    TADP: 2023-09-25

    Core Condition

    After the project manager's inspection, the condition of the core samples stored in the warehouse is being discussed.
    The executive committee is concerned that it may be microbial growth. However, the dark coloration is related to the decomposition of the drilling fluid.

  • (inserted: 10.10.2023 06:22)
    TADP: 2023-09-24

    The team on site has taken on a task: conducting geophysical downhole logging.

    The caliper probe was used to check for overwash below the stuck pipeline. An overwash section was identified, and cementing is required.
    None of the team members in the operation are geophysicists. The team on site received online guidance from geophysicist Tacio Bicudo.

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