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Potrok Aike Maar Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project

Project Acronym: PASADO | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5022

The research initiative "Potrok Aike Maar Lake Sediment Archive Drilling Project" (PASADO) within the framework of ICDP addresses several key issues:

  • The evolution of maar craters,
  • Quantitative climatic and environmental reconstruction,
  • Fire history,
  • Tephra and dust deposition
  • Palaeosecular variation of the Earth's magnetic field for the last several glacial to interglacial cycles.

Moreover, dust and tephra records provide links to marine sediment archives and ice cores. Obtained reconstructions of climate variability have been compared to climate simulations from Global Circulation Models, to detect signals of climatic forcing.

Keywords: South America, Argentina, Patagonia, Potrok Aike, Atmospheric Dust, Climate Modeling, Lake Drilling, Maar Formation, Maar Lake, Quantitative Climate Reconstruction, Southern Hemispheric Westerlies, Volcanology

Project Details

Project Location

Project Timeline

Post Drilling Workshops

5 -10 July 2009 in Bremen and Cologne, Germany
8 -10 September 2009 in Hellwege, Germany
3 November 2009 in Quebec City, Canada
1 - 2 May 2010 in Vienna, Austria
21 - 23 March 2011 in Montreal, Canada
27 - 29 August 2012 in Bremen, Germany



15 September - 15 November 2008

Full Proposal Approved

Workshop Held

15 - 19 March 2006 in Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Workshop Proposal Approved