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Public Data

Project Acronym: JET | State: Moratorium | Expedition ID: 5065

Data Access

JET project (5065; Prees): the table below contains links to the data that are currently publicly availably including metadata & curational data on the drillsite, the drilled material, and the drilling parameters. All other data and images are still under moratorium and require a login (see: internal data). Please contact the PI, Steve Hesselbo (S.P.Hesselbo(a), if you are looking for data under moratorium. Core Data and Images will be made available throught the National Geoscience Data Centre.

Given depth values are expected to be final. Data will be published by the National Geological Repository; the Operational Report

will be published in December 2023 at the GFZ data services at: The logging data will be published in December 2023 at the GFZ data services at:

The READ ME file is a copy of Appendix A in the Operational Report (JET science team et al, 2023) . Cite accordingly!


Files updated 29-Nov-2023

 DataFilesLast Update
1All DataAll Curational Data18-Aug-2023
3SitesAll Sites09-Aug-2023
4HolesAll Holes09-Aug-2023




6Sections and Splits

5065_1_B Sections

5065_1_C SectionSplits

7Integrated Depth Model5065_1_C_Integrated Depth Model09-Aug-2023
8Drilling Information & Daily Driller Reports

JET_5065_1_DrillingReports Zenith Summary (.csv)

JET_5065_1_DrillingReports Zenith (.zip)

JET_5065_1_B_KeyLogbook (.pdf)

JET_5065_1_C_DrillingLog (.pdf)

JET_5065_1_C_DrillBits (.csv)

JET_5065_1_DrilleringLog_Technic (.csv)

Full Mariott Daily Drillers Report on Request only (contact: Steve Hesselbo, PI)

9Additional Documents

Comparison ICDP Combined ID and BGS Corebox Numbers

Site Investigation Report Feb 2020 (.pdf)

JET_5065_READ ME (.pdf)