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Project Acronym: DSDDP | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5017

ins.: 2010-12-18 22:00; ( Age: 13 yrs )
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Category: Dead Sea
Dead Sea

Dead Sea: 2010-12-19

For some reason, coring is not going so well and ...
The worn out drill bit that cored 455m in the Dead Sea (Hole A).

For some reason, coring is not going so well and the drillers are constantly battling to recover anything from the third hole. Apparently, there was also some cave-in this time around. Each run conducted they try something new - changing the core-catcher, the drill bit, adjusting feed, rotation, etc. Nothing seems to be working. Beau went out with the morning shift to try to disassemble the sampling tool and check if there is a problem with it. It could also be that the formation her is much different than that found in the first hole and is the reason for all the difficulties. In any case, the lake was rough today and drilling could not take place until the weather calmed down.