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Project Acronym: DSDDP | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5017

ins.: 2010-12-12 23:00; ( Age: 13 yrs )
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Category: Dead Sea
Dead Sea

Dead Sea: 2010-12-13

We are back on the rig! After a very bad ...
The GFZ Operational Support Group aboard the RV Taglt on the way to the rig. From left to right - Matxalen, Jochem, Martin, Christian and ICDP General Secretary, Uli Harms.

We are back on the rig! After a very bad storm (the worst on the Dead Sea since 1980) we sent out the night shift last night long with the loggers. The platform was in pretty good shape except for the back end of the drill rig, which had moved (pivoted) by about 50 cm and onto 2 hydraulic lines. Waves? That's 40,000 lbs to move... The day shift today should get the logging finished and the night shift will trip up, move over a few meters and trip down to the new hole. They may get one or two cores done before the day shift, but we should be back in full swing tomorrow morning.