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Project Acronym: HSDPD | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5053

ins.: 2013-06-08 22:00; ( Age: 11 yrs )
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HSPDP: 2013-06-09

Drilling Report: Arrived on site and began tripping rods back ...
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Drilling Report: Arrived on site and began tripping rods back to bottom. We hit a bridge around 150m and began to ream the rest of the rods down to bottom. Beau and I cleaned up the new inner tubes, brushing out all the rust build up along with cleaning up the threads so that the new liners would slide in easier. We began coring at 205.25m and through the first run it was apparent that the rig was bogging down due to the formation swelling. Torque is very high and penetration is very difficult. We tried making a thick batch of mud to try and lift all the cuttings out; that helped a little. To save on Bentonite consumption we changed the mud mix to a Polly/water/Bentonite mix and that seemed to help a lot. Blew two hydraulic hoses but were able to get them fixed. After drilling a few runs we ended the shift at 210.99m. Rods were sticking all day and penetration rate very slow, we needed to trip the rod back up to the problem area between 150m and 180m and ream the hole to try and condition it. Had some heavy rain and lightning come in late in the shift, we shut down at 11pm and will resume operations in the morning.