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Scientific Drillling Publication

.....the ICDP-IODP program journal with no publication fees for authors

The journal Scientific Drilling (SD) is an open access journal jointly issued by ICDP and IODP and published semi-annually by COPERNICUS Publications. Scientific Drilling (SD) is a multi-disciplinary journal focused on bringing the latest news about scientific drilling – especially scientific-technical expedition-reports – to the community. It delivers peer-reviewed science reports from recently completed and ongoing international scientific drilling projects as well as on engineering and other scientific/technical developments on ocean and continental drilling, workshops, progress reports, and includes short news. PIs are requested to submit a workshop report to SD after the workshop and a science report after drilling was completed. Both reports are to be published in one of the two volumes of SD issued after the workshop was held respectively drilling was completed.

Publication in SCIENTIFIC DRILLING is free of charge for authors. For submission details see the Scientific Drilling website.