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DIVE: Celebrating with the community!

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DIVE: Celebrating successful drilling and going forward with the borehole logging

Celebrating drilling borehole DIVE 1_A and beginning with borehole logging! Today the site 5071_1_A got busy with a nice celebration organized by the drilling company and the DIVE science team together with local representatives. Meanwhile borehole logging is starting to produce nice results.

The goal of the DIVE project is a full drilling of the continental lower crust into the Moho transition zone in the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (IVZ) in the Southern Alps (Italy) to provide a unique and continuous set of geochemical, structural, and geophysical data on the nature of the continental lower crust and the crust-mantle transition and any relationships to the major orogenic fault structure of the Alps, the Insubric Line. End of October the team started drilling the second borehole near Megolo (5071_1_A). For more information on the project please see the ICDP DIVE project website and the Daily News or the projects own website (external).