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Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE

Project Acronym: DIVE | State: Operational Phase | Expedition ID: 5071

Preparing a full drilling of the continental lower crust into the Moho transition zone in the Ivrea-Verbano Zone (IVZ) in the Southern Alps in Italy. The IVZ provides a unique and continuous set of geochemical, structural, and geophysical data on the nature of the continental lower crust and the crust-mantle transition, the construction and organisation of a deep crustal magmatic system, and the physical conditions (i.e. magma fluxes, magma/country rock rheology, density, seismic velocities). Drilling will additionally investigate heat production and distribution of heat producing elements across a continuous, finely banded sequence of lower crustal rocks, major pre-Alpine and Alpine crustal shear zones, present-day alteration processes, fluid compositions, and its relationships to the major orogenic fault structure of the Alps, the Insubric Line.

Keywords: Europe, Italy, continental crust, Moho transition zone, seismic structure, rock physics

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First core on deck on 6 October 2022

Full Proposal Approved

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1-5 May 2017 in Bevano, Italy

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