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...what you can expect from icdp training

General ICDP training include annual courses that cover all relevant aspects of scientific drilling. The training course is recommended for master students, doctorate students and post-docs involved in scientific drilling. Preference will be given to applicants involved in ICDP drilling projects, applicants from ICDP member countries, developing countries, and those from countries considering ICDP membership.

Usually the training courses last one week. The training course is free of charge for the attendees. For the successful candidates, expenses including those for travelling, visa, meals and accommodation will be covered by ICDP. Applications should include a letter of interest, CV, and at least two letters of support. Calls for application will be announced here and over ICDP Social Media several months before the training course takes place.

The current basis of the ICDP training is a set of nine blocks covering up these themes. The structure of ICDP training is flexible and can always be adapted to meet specific needs:

  • Fundamentals of Drilling Technology
  • Fundamentals of Sampling, Core and Cuttings Sampling, On-site Sample Handling
  • Drill Core Scanning and Logging
  • Downhole Gas and Fluid Sampling and Logging
  • Downhole Logging Fundamentals and Application 
  • Data and Information Management 
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Education and Outreach 
  • Downhole Seismic Monitoring 

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