PISDP Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala, 2006-FEB

OSG performed downhole logging in five boreholes at five sites of the PISDP project on Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala during one campaign.

This is the only OSG logging campaign at PISDP.


PISDP, Lake Petén Itzá, Guatemala       2006-FEB  

1B: 67-157 m     water depth: 67 m.

2C: 55-138 m    water depth: 55 m

3B: 102–188 m     water depth: 102 m

4B: 150–188 m     water depth: 151 m

7A: 45–180 m     water depth: 45 m

Tools:  GR, SGR, DLL, MS, BS, FAC

Staff:  Carnein, Kück, Töpfer