OUTO, Outokumpu, Finland, 2011-AUG/SEP

OSG performed downhole logging in the 2500 m deep crystalline rock borehole (open hole below 44 m) in several campaigns.

Here we took several downhole fluid samples in addition to logging.

This is the 5th logging campaign at Outokumpu. 


OUTO, Outokumpu, Finland        2011-AUG/SEP     0-2500 m

Tools: TS, MP, TEMP, MS, DIP, MP-standard

FAC: 160-235 m, 950-980 m, 1275-1742 m, 1740-1900 m

8 fluid samples: 500 m, 970 m, 1470 m, 1820 m, 2480 m, 2350 m

Staff: Carnein, Kück, Rey Abasolo, Töpfer, Weisheit, Wiersberg