Lake Elgygytgyn, Russia, 2009-APR

OSG performed downhole logging in the major part of the 688 m (517 mblf) deep hole 1C.

As downhole logging accompanied the ongoing drilling, the borehole was logged in four sections with a total of nearly 80 hours logging time over 4 days. The sonic sonde was unfortunately damaged by extremly low temperatures during transport and therefore could not deliver data. The borehole was very stable due to the bentonite mud treatment. Main target of OSG logging was to log the lake sediments and the transition into the impact rocks. A planned second OSG logging phase with exchanged staff covering the deeper section of impact rocks did not come to happen because the low project budget did not allow. 

This is the only OSG logging campaign at Lake Elgygytgyn.


Lake Elgygytgyn, Chukotka, Russia       2009-APR        

199-321 m

305-370 m

360-446 m

423-565 m

The temperature profile was measured  0-566 m


Staff: Kück, Töpfer

All OSG logging depths are meters below drill rig reference, not lake floor. At the drilling site the water depth was at 171 m.