Lake Junín DP, Lake Junín, Perú, 2015-JUL/AUG

OSG performed downhole logging in 5 holes at 3 sites on the lake of the Lake Junín project (1A: 112 m, 1C: 105 m, 1D: 107 m, 2A: 31 m, 3B: 58 m). The water depth at all sites was approx. 8 m.

Sometimes collapsing hole conditions neccessitated pipe guided logging in several sections. The uppermost few meters below the lake floor could not always be logged.  

This is the only OSG logging campaign at Lake Junín.


Lago Junín, Perú    2015-JUL/AUG   8-105 m 

Tools: GR, SGR, MS, DIP, BS  (DLL broke)

Staff: Groh, Kück, Pierdominici, Töpfer