DSDP, Dead Sea, Israel, 2010-DEC

OSG performed downhole logging at alltogether 3 sites of the DSDP:

1A & 1C at deepest water depth (299 m) in 2010-DEC and 3C close to the western shore close to Ein Gedi Spa (water depth = 2.2 m) in 2011-MAR.

This is the 1st OSG logging campaign at DSDP.


DSDP, Dead Sea, Israel         2010-DEC          1A: 0 - 750 m

DSDP, Dead Sea, Israel         2010-DEC          1C: 2 - 366 m

Tools: GR, TEMP, SGR, BS, DIP, DLL     

Staff: Carnein, Harms, Kück, Rey Abasolo, Töpfer

The holes were logged in steps with the drill string used as protection against the collapsing borehole wall. All OSG logging depths are in meters below drill rig reference, not with respect to lake floor.