DAFSAM, Tau Tona mine, South Africa (RSA), 2006-AUG

OSG performed logging for the DAFSAM project. Total gamma ray and magnetic susceptibility was measured in three short holes drilled from a gallery at a depth of 3600 m in the ultra deep Tautona Gold mine near Carletonville, province Gauteng, South Africa (RSA). Two of the holes were inclined slightly upward and one downward. Motion of the sonde inside the holes was accomplished by pushing and pulling manually. The data acquisition system worked trouble free under the very hot and humid conditions in the deep mine. 

This is the only OSG logging campaign at DAFSAM.


DAFSAM, Tautona Mine, South Africa        2006-AUG           0-40 m

Tools:  GR, MS

Staff:  Carnein, Kück