COSC-2 Logging, Järpen, Sweden, 2020-SEP

OSG performed borehole seismic with its 17-level SlimWave borehole geophone chain in the 2276 m deep COSC-2A borehole of the COSC drilling project. The chain was the borehole component of the overall large seismic experiment inside and around the COSC-2A performed by OSG, GFZ Potsdam, Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany, University of Kiel, Germany, and University of Uppsala, Sweden. 

This is the 3rd OSG logging campaign at the COSC project.


COSC-2, Järpen, Sweden     2021-SEP & OCT   2-2276 m 

Tools:      SlimWave geophone chain, 17 levels on CW7000           

Staff:      Groh, Kück, Töpfer; Giese, Jaksch, Jurczyk, Krüger

The hole conditions did not cause any problems. A new design, in which the top sheave is mounted between two 20-foot containers instead of requiring a crane, was successfully used for the first time.