COSC-1 Logging & Borehole Seismics, Åre, Sweden, 2014-SEP/OCT

OSG performed downhole logging and borehole seismics in the 2495.8 m deep COSC-1 borehole of the COSC drilling project. OSG performed a part of the total downhole logging of the COSC drilling project. Other wireline logging was performed by Univ. of Lund.

OSG works included downhole logging and several weeks long borehole seismics with the 17-level GFZ geophone chain 'Slimwave' in combination with surface seismics (vibro source and explosives). The borehole seismics was part of a wider seismic experiment, which was performed together with the University of Uppsala, Sweden, and TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. 

This is the 1st OSG logging campaign at the COSC project.


COSC-1, Åre, Sweden                   2014-SEP/OCT          5-2493 m 

Tools:  GR, SGR, MS, DLL, DIP, SlimWave, (FAC40, orientation broke, no data) - BS was run later in April 2016    

Staff:  Groh, Kück, Töpfer / additionally for seismics: Giese, Krauß, Krüger

Hole conditions were very good and stable (HQ to 1616 m, below NQ).