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Project Acronym: SAFOD | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5025

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SAFOD: 2007-09-15

The cement inside the casing is now being drilled
Drilling management team and some of the on-site sample handling team during our last day on site (many have gone home already).

The cement inside the casing is now being drilled out to just above the casing shoe, after which the calcium chloride drilling mud in the hole will be replaced with fresh water (plus corrosion inhibitor) before the rig is demobilized. On-site documentation, scanning and archiving of the cores were completed today, and this information is now being uploaded to the ICDP for inclusion on the SAFOD web site. This ends the work of the on-site core handling team; thus, this will be the last regular message on this web site. We would like to thank you for your support of and interest in SAFOD over what has been a very exciting summer. More information on the fascinating cores obtained this summer will be posted on the SAFOD web site over the coming months, culminating in a SAFOD Sample Party to be held at the USGS in Menlo Park, CA, on Dec 9, 2007 (just before the Fall AGU meeting). If you are interested in attending this Sample Party and are not already on the SAFOD Samples Team mailing list, please send an email to