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Project Acronym: SAFOD | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5025

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SAFOD: 2007-09-12

Early this morning the drill pipe deployed logging string
Stephen Pye's (ThermaSource) last day at the drill site.

Early this morning, the drill-pipe-deployed logging string were returned to the surface, at which point we discovered that the lower portion of the string had fallen off in the well, presumably when we got stuck and had to pull free at a depth of about 10,700 ft. Today we went fishing for these lost tool components, but were unscuccessful. Since the well has already reached its total planned depth and further fishing attempts were deemed to have a low probability of success, we abandoned fishing operations and are now starting in the hole with a drilling assembly to condition the well for casing installation. Also, today was the last day for Steve Pye as the on-site representative of the prime drilling contractor, Thermasource. Steve has served the needs of SAFOD with skill, dedication and good humor over the much of the summer and will be missed by us all. He is being repalced by Jerry Hamblin (also with Thermasource) who served as drilling contractor representative earlier this summer and will help us finish up SAFOD Phase 3 drilling operations over the coming week.