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Project Acronym: MALLIK | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5026

ins.: 2022-10-21 16:29; ( Age: 1 year )
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Category: Mallik

MALLIK: 2002-02-26

Cross hole tomography completed by 15 Cased hole logging
James Zheng (GSC) and his ""Thermal conductivity needle probe system"", The system was specially designed for thermal conductivity measurement of deposit samples, such as sand and soil. Up to 9 samples can be carried out at same time and can be completed within 30 minutes once the samples are stabilized with sample environmental temperature. The system is fully controlled with a computer with a friendly operation procedure.

Cross hole tomography completed by 15, Cased hole logging began at 0, In Inuvik activities are winding down. After weeks of frenzied activities following the successful coring of the Mallik gas hydrate interval the Inuvik science team successfully conducted a variety of specialized research on a selection of gas hydrate-bearing core samples.