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Project Acronym: MALLIK | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5026

ins.: 2022-10-21 16:29; ( Age: 1 year )
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Category: Mallik

MALLIK: 2002-02-24

Quiet time was allocated in main hole to allow
Adrienne collecting his 1001 sample, Adrienne Ethier (University of Ottawa) is collecting much more than 1000 samples in Inuvik which she will be bringing back to Ottawa with her. She is interested in studying patterns of gas hydrate growth and decomposition in the sediment along with influences its presence may or may not have on dolomite growth.

Quiet time was allocated in main hole to allow for a baseline cross well tomography survey with as little disturbance as possible. Cross well tomography survey underway in Mallik 3L and 4L., The missing Tomoseis wireline truck arrived today in the afternoon and was quickly readied for operations. Two of these trucks left Texas at the same time. One arrived safely and the other went missing. It turns out that the second truck was broken down on a remote part of the Dempster Highway.