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Project Acronym: MALLIK | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5026

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MALLIK: 2002-02-23

After a reception and dinner on their arrival at
The Inuvik laboratory team and the Mallik field team were pleased to receive a visit from a 10 member VIP group from Japan, USA and Canada. Being made up of senior government and industry officials the group most certainly rated VIP status.

After a reception and dinner on their arrival at Inuvik yesterday, the group travelled today to the drill rig one way by helicopter and the other by the ice road. The day could not have been better for a visit as it was mild and the activities on site were impressive. With the open hole well logging having just been finished, logging scientists Collett and Sawamura gave an overview of the work to date., In the Mallik 5L-38 well hole, casing runs successfully to 1165m with two complete DTS cable loops strapped to 987m. Cementing is completed with good returns to the surface.