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Project Acronym: MALLIK | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5026

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MALLIK: 2002-02-20

Yesterday and today the clearing operation of the Mallik4L
Hiroshi Oda (JNOC) and James Zheng (GSC) are shown here trying to split a core. The frozen core has to be split in half for processing in the sedimentology lab, but it is very hard and so the guillotine shown here is used to break the core in half. Often the core is so hard that it needs to be hammered repeatedly to get it to break. Because of the time it takes to split and process the core, no more than 20 cores can usually be processed each day.

Yesterday and today the clearing operation of the Mallik4L-38 well hole was a success and the hole is open again. A coiled TBG unit has been used., In the Inuvik Research Center the core logging is at his climax.