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MEXIDRILL: The Basin of Mexico Drilling Program

Project Acronym: CHALCO | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5060

Scientific drilling project to recover the ~500 m sedimentary sequence contained in the Lake Chalco basin in the Valley of Mexico. These sediment sequences have the potential to provide an ~800,000 year record of North American climate. This would be a unique climate archive that could develop into the "type sequence" for paleoclimate studies in the Americas. These sediments also contain imprints of the tectonic and volcanic history of the Valley of Mexico.

Keywords: Central America, Mexico, Lake Chalco, Hydrology, Paleoclimate, Volcanic And Seismic Hazards

Cores are stored at University of Minnesota at Minneapolis, Continental Scientific Drilling Facility, USA

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23 February - 30 March 2016

Full Proposal Approved

First Full Proposal Submitted

Workshop Held

4 - 8 March 2012 in Mexico City, Mexico

Workshop Proposal Approved