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Project Acronym: SCOPSCO | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5045

ins.: 2013-05-14 00:00; ( Age: 11 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: Ohrid

Ohrid: 2013-05-14

The borehole loggers finished the logging of hole 1F at ...
Bernd Wagner used one of the rare free hours for a haircut in the city of Ohrid.

The borehole loggers finished the logging of hole 1F at the DEEP site in the evening hours of the 13.05.13. The nightshift tripped out all the pipes and prepared the barge for towing. The dayshift on 14.05.13 started to pulling anchors. It took quite a while until all anchors became free, but finally, around midday, the weather was with us, calm conditions established, and all anchors were lifted. Towing the barge from the DEEP site in the center of the lake to the CERAVA site in the southeastern part of the lake took about 5 hours. The first anchor dropped at CERAVA site at 8:30 PM, the fourth anchor was set around 2-3 hours later. At midnight, the barge was ca. 180 m off the coring location, but pulling on the anchor winches should correct this. This was a long day, but everybody is happy that the re-positioning was successful and that there is a new landscape after having seen 5 weeks the surrounding of DEEP site.