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ins.: 2014-05-16 00:00; ( Age: 10 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: COSC1

COSC: 2014-05-16

Reaming of the drill hole after the last drill bit ...
Alex Potrafke is testing the OLGA degasser arrangement (prototype 1)

Reaming of the drill hole after the last drill bit change was finished and we got some meters of drill core in the early morning, before the drillers performed a deviation measurement in the drill hole - something is wrong, the rig doesn't deliver the power and rpms that are necessary for proper operation and, obviously, there are problems with the drill hole. Maybe the latter is a result, in part, of the former, and then there is geology. The results from the deviation measurements are not very encouraging: about 11 m at 465 m depth. The on-site science team used the break to re-log the drill core we missed while the p-wave sensors were missing from the MSCL, and we had time to think about OLGA, the on-line gas monitoring. Core drilling will continue later this night or in the morning.