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ins.: 2014-06-21 02:00; ( Age: 10 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: COSC1

COSC: 2014-06-21

Core drilling started again in the morning with a new ...
Sampling of surfaces and porous rock for microbiological studies.

Core drilling started again in the morning with a new drill bit, and it became clear that yesterday's second core loss was a misunderstanding. What really happened was that the drill bit got damaged, probably while drilling over the "first" core loss (the core that really was lost in the drill hole). On the core logger we can see how the diameter of the drill core increases by 4 mm within 1.5 m just before the drill bit failed, with heavy abrasion of drill bit matrix on the core. And this was about the last thing we've seen on the core logger before the electronic steering unit decided to make fun of us: Electrical motors moved only one way until a (previously damaged) ball bearing in the transducer holder gave up. After a change to a spare transducer holder first the same thing happened again, and then the steering unit gave up completely. A complete restart of the whole system could revive the electronics rack and we were happy! - for an hour or so, until we discovered that the magnetic susceptibility measurements weren't transferred correctly => find the right cable amongst 20-30 others, reconnecting in confined space without pulling others, without success, ..., ... => 6 hours after the first fault, the MSCL was back and logging. We'll see how the results are. Present depth of the drill hole: 1328 m. Terrible weather.