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ins.: 2014-07-10 02:00; ( Age: 10 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: COSC1

COSC: 2014-07-10

What would the COSC on-site science team do without the ...
Assembly of the downhole fluid sampler.

What would the COSC on-site science team do without the football world championship? Watching football (or watching the watchers) seems to be a good distraction during five days of downhole logging and testing. Well, we are not completely lazy, no no. Hunting mosquitoes and horse-flies of varying (ball pen dot to helicopter) size is very appreciated. But also sweating in hot containers while processing MSCL data and checking for and correcting mistakes in the scientific documentation is a favourite. For those of us who want to get a really bad cold, the climatised BugLab is the first choice, attending to the OLGA on-line gas monitoring system, data processing, etc. But since a week or so we have to share the microbiology container with about 5 tons of microbiology(!) equipment and all is really one big mess. But we have a couple of days to fix it (when we are not watching football, I mean, or eating ice cream to keep ourselves from overheating). And here some facts: Wire-line logging was finished earlier today, presently the wireline fluid sample is in the borehole to get a sample from best water-conducting zone at about 1250 m (although the total inflow to the borehole is in the order of dl/min). Then the HQ drill string will be tripped in and some pump-tests performed with wireline packers. After the HQ drill string has been installed and sealed against the borehole wall (as a temporary casing), the NQ drill string will be assembled and tripped in. We hope that core drilling will start again sometimes during the weekend.