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ins.: 2014-07-11 00:00; ( Age: 10 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: COSC1

COSC: 2014-07-11

This morning, the drillers were fishing. It's always nice with ...
The missing pressure-temperature memory tool was recovered with the core barrel by drilling over it.

This morning, the drillers were fishing. It's always nice with a barbecue and fresh food - but unfortunately, this time it wasn't about salmon in a nearby river. Somehow the pressure-temperature recorder was missing in the downhole assembly when the latter was recovered from the borehole after the last logging run - lost in the drill hole. After unsuccessful fishing with a magnet, it was decided to get it up by drilling. Therefore, we broke the Swedish depth record in HQ drilling today (again ) - the drill hole is now 1616 m and the lost recorder was recovered without damage in the core barrel. In the meantime, OLGA (On-Line GAs monitoring) wasn't particularly happy either. With temperatures of 30°C at the drill site and the analytical equipment in an air-conditioned container, our laboratory lady was really asking for condensation problems - and got it. Disassembling and drying the flooded gasflow-regulator helped just for a few minutes, and, thus, a second condensation trap had to be installed (the other protecting the mass-spectrometer). Now OLGA is doing fine again. But since a drill site without problems would be boring, it continued with the packer tests. The intention was to pack off the lower part of the drill hole at different depth levels for inflow/permeability measurements. Thus, the drill string was tripped out until the first target depth (about 1200 m) was reached and the wireline packer deployed. But instead of latching in its place at the lower end of the drill string, it got stuck at only 30 m depth. Back at the surface, it wasn't clear why this happened. A test of the packer before new deployment revealed also that a valve is broken and presently attempts to repair the instruments are on-going.