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ins.: 2014-08-03 02:00; ( Age: 10 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: COSC1

COSC: 2014-08-03

Presently, the hole depth is 1954 m. Two days ago, ...
A broken valve seat from a the mud pump cylinder - the small piece was pumped down the hole, blocked the core barrel and caused a round trip 1964 m

Presently, the hole depth is 1954 m. Two days ago, the drill bit was changed after 180 m, and everybody was very happy. The crooked drill string (the same problem as with the HQ drill string - bad quality) causes high friction and the drill bit can only be rotated with about a third to half of the design-rpm. But unfortunately, it didn't go that well this time. After only 24 m of drilling, the core barrel got stuck in the downhole assembly. After several fruitless attempts to retrieve the core barrel with the wireline, the drill string was tripped out yesterday and today. This time it will take longer than usual, because the (hopefulle straight) new drill pipe that arrived at the drill site recently will be installed instead of the crooked one that we use now - which implies breaking the -old- drill string into 3 m pieces and assembling the new one from 3 m pieces (instead of stands of 3 pipes=9 m during a normal round trip). Today in the morning the core barrel was retrieved, and it was jammed in the drill string by parts of the mud pump (see photos).