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ins.: 2014-08-06 02:00; ( Age: 10 yrs )
By: Scientists
Category: COSC1

COSC: 2014-08-06

Delight, more & more delight, 2000 m DRILLER’S DEPTH and ...
Daniel Sopher and Nick Bell mark an oriented core. The marking that corresponds to the reading of the Devico DeviCore instrument (cooperation for testing purposes) is visible at the bottom of the core.

Delight, more & more delight, 2000 m DRILLER’S DEPTH and the atmosphere of a funeral - what happened? During the last two days, the old drill string was replaced by a new one. When we started drilling nobody could believe it - almost 1000 rpm while drilling at c. 1970 m. Fantastic, delight, only smiling faces at the drill site. With the new drill string we also employed Devico’s new DeviCore BBT system that COSC was allowed to borrow from the company for testing purposes (thank you very much!). In the night we gained a first experience while retrieving two core barrels with oriented core (more delight!). Drilling went well and fast, and 2000 m driller’s depth were passed at about 6 o’clock in the morning (& more delight!). But in the morning something happened - the rotational speed dropped significantly. A déjà-vu? No, unfortunately not. Another core run or two, and the drill bit was worn out, after about 41 m. A round trip … this clearly killed the show. But it could be worse - and it was worse: the drill pipes that came out of the drill hole didn’t seam to be as straight as when they went in some hours earlier. Thus, by midday, the mood at the drill site reminded very much of a funeral. Presently, a new drill bit is being tripped in, and of course we hope that all this was just a bad dream. The only thing we ask for now is hundreds of meters of nice oriented core, nothing more - at least the DeviCore core-orientation tool seemed to work very well the short time we were able to use it. We’ll keep you updated!