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Investigating Miocene Mediterranean-Atlantic Exchange

Project Acronym: IMMAGE | State: Full Proposal Approved

IMMAGE is an amphibious "Land-to-Sea" drilling proposal designed to recover a complete record of Atlantic-Mediterranean exchange in the Gibraltar Strait, from its Late Miocene inception to its current configuration. This will be achieved by targeting Miocene offshore sediments on either side of the Gibraltar Strait with IODP and recovering Miocene core from the two precursor connections now exposed on land with ICDP. The scientific aims of IMMAGE are to constrain quantitatively the consequences for ocean circulation and global climate of the inception of Atlantic-Mediterranean exchange; to explore the mechanisms for high amplitude environmental change in marginal marine systems and to test physical oceanographic hypotheses for extreme high-density overflow dynamics that do not exist in the world today on this scale.

Keywords: Africa, Europe, Morocco, Spain, Gibraltar, Contourites, Marine Gateway, Paleoclimate, Salt Giant

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Full Proposal Approved

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22 - 24 November 2016 in Rabat, Morocco

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