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Project Acronym: BARB | State: Completed | Expedition ID: 5047

ins.: 2012-02-22 00:00; ( Age: 12 yrs )
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Barberton: 2012-02-22

The Fig Tree Formation hole (BARB4) has been successfully ...
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The Fig Tree Formation hole (BARB4) has been successfully completed. It emerged from sedimentary rocks, the target of this hole, at 430m, then penetrated about 70m of altered ultramafic rock. It was terminated at about 500m. The rig has now been transferred to the fourth site, in the Barite Syncline, where hole BARB 5 will be drilled. The drillers decided they had not enough space to operate at the site we had chosen and the hole was shifted about 30 m to the southwest. The coordinates of this site are 25deg 54.442'S; 31deg 03.525'E. The hole is now at 146m and we are making good progress through fine-grained shaley and siliceous sedimentary rocks. Drilling is continuing on the mega-chert hole, BARB3 in the Buck Reef. We are currently at a depth of 815 m and still we have not emerged from normal black and white banded chert. If we are still in chert at 850m, 50 m past the target depth, a decision will be made about whether to continue to reach the stratigraphic target. The rate of drilling is still slow, no more than 1-3 m per day.