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icdp Video Gallery how icdp works all around the world

Presenting a selection of our latest ICDP video clips with general information on our scientific program, our goals and partners and insights into our projects. For more videos and further details on our projects visit our YOUTUBE channel.

General info on ICDP

How ICDP works

see how ICDP works and how the society benefits from continental scientific drilling

ICDP Science Plan

Our four prime science themes for the decade 2020-2030


2 major programs, 1 common goal: scientific drilling on continents and in oceans

ICDP projects & workshops

Workshop MEME 2023 (Italy)

 in Gioia dei Marsi (Italy), October 24 -27, 2023: examining the potential of drilling the western Eurasia Plio-Quaternary lacustrine succession of Lake Fucino in Italy

BASE (South Africa) 2021

(Radio interview) Barberton Archean Surface Environments (BASE) scientists explain the project background and its objectives

BASE (South Africa) 2021

Barberton Archean Surface Environments (BASE): Drilling precambrian sedimentary strata in the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa

MexiDrill (Mexico) 2017

ICDP MexiDrill Project - Climate Clues Lake Chalco, Mexico

Lake Turkana (Kenya) 2013

ICDP Scientific Drilling at Lake Turkana (Kenya), collecting sediment drill cores for paleoclimate and paleoenviromental analysis

San Andreas Fault (SAFOD) 2007

ICDP Drilling through the San Andreas Fault at seismogenic depth