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ICDP unites a growing, large science community of about 3000 individuals all over the world. This diverse Earth science community engaged in scientific drilling spans many very different fields of expertise whose protagonists do not communicate with each other automatically. Sharing information about the program and promoting interaction is therefore a must. ICDP carries out Town Hall meetings at international conferences such as AGU and EGU to inform the scientific drilling community about the status of the program and current or upcoming scientific drilling activities.

Which event?When?How do I meet ICDP scientists and representatives?
EGU General Assembly in Vienna, Austria (hybrid)

May 23-27, 2022

at the joint IODP-ICDP scientific session, at out joint booth, and during the Town Hall meeting
AGU Fall Meeting in Chicago, USADecember 12-16, 2022to be determined
IUGG General Assembly in Berlin, GermanyJuly 11-20, 2023to be determined

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