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icdp On-site Outreach to organize outreach and communication measures

Unlike oceanic drilling, continental drilling activities are visible to the local public and communicated through local, regional, and possibly national and international media before and during drilling takes place. Informing  and involving the local public through public activities at any stage of planning and execution of drilling plays a critical role in the successful implementation of a continental scientific drilling project.

Popular media, such as television, radio, newspaper, magazines, and internet blogs, play a vital role in  communicating science to the public and are critical to the process of dialogue and engagement. Today the vast majority of ordinary people gain knowledge about scientific and technical progress from news delivered by popular media and form their own opinion based on the provided information. Scientists are in a position of having a professional responsibility to communicate their research with popular media as the major pathway to reach out to the public and stakeholders.

Learn more about on-site outreach measures and how to communicate with media (download).

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